All abou that bass. All about Nikole.

So I wanna right about this quirky girl Nikole. She is witty and fun. Although sometimes she doesn’t see herself that way. 😑

Nikole is 20 years old, she drives a blue mini coop. (Totally cuuuute!) She’s one of the first friends I had where we used to work. She would always come in with a smile and a drink on her hand. 😂 (Yes nikole I noticed that!) Getting to know this person was one of the best thing I’ve ever done. Now that I know her a little bit more, I dont want to lose this opportunity to be her friend.

There are times in life when we’re just down, and I know that through my own experience… During these times all we really need to be around are the right people who will pull us up, or the people who would stay down with us, then lift us up when we’re ready. We dont need people who will pull us down with them, and who wants nothing to do with us.

Nikole on the other hand is a better and a bigger person from all who tried to pull her down. It may be a person, or a certain trial in her life. All I know is, it no longer has a foothold on her, she’s one of the toughest one I know.

I want the world to know how fun, loving, caring and intelligent this girl is. She may have barbie nails (just kidding) but she’s tough in her own way. All I really know is if she survived this obstacle, she can survive anything! ❤️

All about that bass is her JAM. 🎧
—-Meaning behind the song, She’s contented with what and who she is. If you cant handle her at her worst then you sure cant handle her at her best.

Till the next blog,
- Laica xo